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Similing Team


Study Design  Epidemiology


Systematic reviews


Cohort studies

Case-control studies

Randomized Controlled Trials

Quality improvement

Qualitative studies


Measures of central tendency

Measures of dispersion

Probability, measures of frequency

Hypothesis testing

Analysis of variance

Multivariable analysis

Measures of association (OR, RRs)

Sample size calculation

Diagnostic tests

Building a database

Hands-on statistical analysis

Graphs and charts

Career Development

Developing a research question

Researcher responsibilities and principles of ethical research

IRB regulatory standards

Writing and obtaining funding

Establishing collaborative research networks

Principles of adult learning

How to pitch your research and give a good research presentation

Publishing your research

How to be a good research mentor

CV development

Research project review

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Classes are held virtually once every other week (excluding national holidays). Lectures occur on Wednesdays from 4:00PM-6:00PM via Zoom. Computer access and attendance with ‘video on’ is required because the class requires extensive interaction, homework review, quizzes, and hands-on computer work. All slides, classwork, schedules, and attendance rosters are made available to the scholars through Zoom. A copy of the lecture schedule is disseminated on the first day of class. Classes will start on January 10, 2024.

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